What We Do

Press Play creates and delivers media experiences that combine the perfect blend of creativity and innovative technology; a little art and science to make the right impression. Leveraging established technologies to provide robust, dynamic media solutions, we’ve built our reputation by delivering quality systems and superior customer service that set a standard for excellence. Our end-to-end platform provides organisations with a powerful, yet cost-effective alternative to multi-vendor solutions. Designed to engender receptiveness to the experience that is offered, the goal of Press Play  is to create an environment that is all-at-once enjoyable, enlightening and persuasive; one that will compliment and reinforce your brand messaging – in short, to deliver a unique and compelling experience that brings your brand to life.


Your brand has a pulse, energy and rhythm and with Jukebox it will have a voice – one that will engage and entertain your customers and make them receptive and ready to enjoy a lasting relationship with your brand. As the nation’s premier provider of customised audio for commercial spaces Jukebox can create a ‘soundtrack’ for your business, helping customers feel in tune with your brand. Jukebox - The Sound of Your Business.

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PPTV is an affordable, hands-off digital signage solution which allows you to connect visually with your customers through highly customisable, high-definition content. PPTV is a customisable, easy-to-use, integrated, stable, scalable and supported. Less a “TV station” and more a video communications platform, PPTV can add to your in-store experience—creating new ways to reinforce your brand by showcasing promotional offerings or by playing branded video. PPTV – Content That Connects.



With the advent of the mobile age, the benefits of interactive solutions are both numerous and obvious. Midas is a tactile, experiential solution, designed to empower customers and streamline the delivery of information to them. And whether it is intended to build a brand, influence customer behaviour or simply provide information, the dynamic visual experience created by Midas will make your content all-at-once more extensible, more accessible and more interactive.

Engineer Your Atmosphere

As a leading provider of media management solutions, Press Play can help you harness the power of media to define your business. Our specialised delivery systems and high-quality offerings help enhance environments, communicate brands and create memorable experiences. Discover the power of in-store media today. Call Press Play.